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Take your skills to the next level!

A ROS robot built to give you invaluable hands on experience in programming, robotics, data science, and machine learning.









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Design, Simulate, Build

Real-time control with ROS and a Raspberry Pi.

An Open Design

Bobble-Bot was designed to be modular and easy for you to extend. The robot structure is composed of 3D printable parts. Initial assembly takes about 30 minutes. He is small, light-weight, and easy to handle. The robot measures in at 185mm x 222mm x 120mm without extra peripherals and weighs about 3 lbs.

Bobble-Bot Simulator

Get ready to learn Python and C++ programming by using Bobble-Bot's free and open-source 3D simulator. Explore the classic inverted pendulum control problem like never before. Test your control algorithms safely in simulation before deploying them to the hardware!

Visualize Real-Time Data

Thanks to the Raspberry Pi and ROS infrastructure, Bobble-Bot's internal state can be easily visualized and updated. Use a convenient Python API to plot live data and send commands to Bobble-Bot. We also provide a collection of open-source Jupyter Notebooks that can be used to analyze and post process hardware and simulation data.

A Unique and Powerful Software Stack


Robot Operating System

Built on top of the leading open-source framework for robotics development!

RT Linux

Real-Time Linux

An agile self-balancing robot requires a real-time control loop. Learn how to build one with RT Linux.


Open-Source Simulation

Develop applications quickly and safely using Bobble Bot’s Gazebo simulation. When ready, deploy directly to hardware within minutes.

Bobble-Bot Bundles

Whether you are a robot enthusiast, an engineering student or an educator, we have the perfect set for you.

Builder's Kit

Builder’s Kit

Designed for Makers

  • Complete kit with assembly required
  • SD card loaded with full software stack
  • Assembly guide and software documentation
Student's Kit


Built for Students

  • Fully assembled for plug and play
  • Python and Matlab APIs provided
  • Comes with three sample projects
Educator's Kit

Bobble-Bot Pro

Optimized for Educators

  • Teaches robotics, AI, and machine learning
  • Computer vision using an Intel Real-Sense camera
  • Includes sample lab exercises